String Theocracy (Library Of Ruina Theme Song) - Mili


Lời bài hát: String Theocracy (Library Of Ruina Theme Song)

Ca sĩ: Mili

Open the curtains
Lights on
Don't miss a moment
Of this experiment
Oh, the book is strange
Like clockwork orange
Keep your eyes buttered till the end
Which "you" are you going to be?
Inside the mirror do you see
Someone else in that body?
Dance for me

And two
And three
And turn around
Sit like a doggy
Till I finish my read
*** it off, *** down your loss
All that stubborn loyalty is gonna get you killed
In a world built on convenient theories
For the puppets on TV
There is comfort in the strings
If you're gonna control me
At least make it interesting theatrically
How does it feel to be free?

Why don’t you try it yourself?
The gate opened on me
So l leaped
Down,down,and down I go
I tell myself I’m a tough girl
Down,down, and down I go
I could never, ever, ever touch the soil
My heart goes right
My head goes left
And end up on your bed

Sure I’ll be your marionette
Here, tug on my thread
Spread me open for dolly pink,snow white artificial beauty
Maybe we’re all cold machines
Stuffed in the human skin
With human sins
Sewed up by the gods of city
*** it out, you’ve already lost
All that precious bravery is gonna get you hurt
In a world that feeds on the minority

May that self-centered belief lead you to peace
If you’re gonna replace me
At least have the audacity to kill me thoroughly
When does it end for me?
I think I am done with everything
Now I'm ready to leave
Dragging out

One line
Two lines
Three lines
Connect our hands
When I no longer can live on knowledge alone
You gave me strength
Hopeful curiosity
Maybe there are still happy answers left for my discovery
What's the colour of the electric sheep you see?
And if you love me
Can you love your everything too, for me?
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