Inner World War - T00n


Lời bài hát: Inner World War

Ca sĩ: T00n

Bài hát: Inner World War - T00n

(And if you tried so hard and got so far
It doesn’t really matter in the end...)

1. Ey ey ey ey ey
Get to the party
Ain’t no marty
Who’s that smarty
I think she’s so hardy
Lean to the side I can barely use my eyes
Out of my sight, oh ***
So I gotta get back into my mind to see what’s inside?
Enemy or ally ?
What keeps us divided?
Let’s sit and confide
What keeps us alive or awake at night or about to die
Don’t forget to fight even if it’s tight
Looking at the light waiting to hitchhike
When they say you’re wrong keep that in mind and prove them that you’re right
(28 to life)

(Let me tell you something
I don’t know why they relying on praying
Putting down others, oh ***ers
Trying for me, for my family
One day you’ll see, I’m gonna get that)

2. Ey, get that money
I might be bloody
What’s so funny ?
You’re clowns or monkeys?
Hate what I do so you’re not gonna support?
Oh, like I care? My dream, I dare - and you, you scared. Aborted!
From the other side my grandma smiles I bet she’s happy
I saw my brother cried with his eyes so wild then he ran out side get down to hide
Ain’t gonna lie that I died inside, but I think that if you blink, your dream will sink
Life isn’t pink, you will soon find out that your printer ran out of ink

Don’t shrink, find something to drink
If you don’t wanna get hurt just don’t flirt
I’m an introvert but I speak my words
Thought before I say so my thing could be more wide
Riding motorbike forget my glasses
Fk that eyesore, I’m so sorry my lord
Push out that door, eye drop is what I look for
Ey, yo
(Fk you if you hate me, I don’t care)

And if you tried so hard and got so far
It doesn’t really matter in the end
Stand up and be prepared for the revenge
No matter what happens just try again
Hold up, let’s flip this ***

3. What kind of war we have ?
And what it’s all about let’s calm it down and settle it down like this
What did I just miss?
Forget about that kiss
Don’t wanna know cause I haven’t seen me becoming that pissed
If you hate me then oh I don’t like you, ah
If you hate me then still I don’t hate you, ah
If you love me then yes I do love you, too
In the end we’re peace so please grow the *** up and spread love instead of spread war
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